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House Rules

  1. Please take care of our equipment and return the equipment after each use. 

  2. In case of emergencies, please contact our staff. 

  3. Self-practice only available for student who finished Beginner course.

  4. If you are not feeling well, please wear mask and stay home.

  5. Student needs to check-in with our staffs before practice or lesson.

  6. Student must follow safety protocol and coach’s instruction strictly.

  7. Please be responsible to your belongings, 

  8. Without permission, any form of commercial activities is not allowed.

  9. Booking within 2hours of Tropical cyclone warning signal or Red / Black rainstorm warning signal in force, A.A.C will notify our related-personnel for arrangement of make-up class.

  10. Children younger than age of 12 requires age of 18 or above (Parents or Legal guardians) to accompany for any archery activity. (Non-participating parents or legal guardians will not be charged but should follow house rules.) and they are liable to take care of their children.

  11. Owner of any archery equipment is responsible for their equipment, A.A.C is not liable to any responsibility or damages.

  12. Dangerous acts are prohibited.

  13. Please do not disturb others.

  14. Smoking or drinking is not allowed in the centre.

  15. Eating or drinking is allowed in resting zone, but please keep our resting zone clean. 

  16. A.A.C. reserves all rights for reimbursement on damaged equipment or facilities.

  17. A.A.C. reserves all rights to ask anyone to leave our centre as needed.

  18. A.A.C. reserves all rights to modify rules without any notice. 

  19. Any violation of house rules will be given a verbal warning. Termination of service will be issued for consecutive violation; no refund will be issued.

  20. In case of any dispute, A.A.C. has sole and final discretion of interpretation of terms and conditions.

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